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Does cashmere sweater over 10000+RMB pill?

After touched sample sweater price ranging from over 10000+ RMB to 1000+ RMB of different brands, it you know more you would not give comments easily. Is the more expensive sweater pill less? Does the cashmere from top brands not pill? In fact these factors do not have direct relation with pilling. There are two reasons that affects the pilling.

1.The degree of cashmere fibre

The price cashmere fibre ranges from RMB300,000 to RMB100,000 1 tons in price. The longer and finer of the fibre the less it would pill and the better of the hand feel. The average fineness of cashmere fibre of the time of our mother can reach 15.5 micron and the short fibre can be reduced with the low processing craft.

In nowadays the consuming amount of cashmere is larger than before. In order to develop production amnout most goat is hybrid variety and the good goat variety degenerate seriously the cashmere fibre become thicker. Another problem is some manufacturer adds short fibre or fibre comb from goatskin into material to reduce cost but short fibre pills easily.

2.The change of knitting craft

The knitting style of previous age is simple and traditional, the sweater is knitted tight and close. And the style is mostly close fitting without bubble sleeve or heaps collar like nowadays so the friction is less.

With the popularity of computer knitting machine we can do various style which is not smooth in fabric surface so it pills easily.

Nowadays the quality of cashmere become lower and in order to pursuit soft and better hand feel the washing treatment is become more complex. Large amount hydrophobic silicon oil is used in processing more inner hair float on the surface of the fabric, which make it pills easily.

Our domestic market pursuit soft and smooth hand feel so the inner hair of the fibre is felted into the fabric surface. In fact if a cashmere sweater is too fluffy it would be easier to pill. Many top brands in the world favor less fluffy surface and sample treatment.