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How to buy pure cashmere products?

we are often asked that what is real cashmere, I will explain here. The definition of pure cashmere is according to the current standard of the People's Republic of China fiber examination. Cashmere differ from other fibre from microscope. The general standard is the hair cuticle should be of round angle while it is sharp angle of that of wool fibre. Though the advanced polish craft can make the wool fibre of acute angle into round angel it is still clear sharp angle in microscope. Pure cashmere should be marked 100% cashmere or with related mark of country association.

Pure cashmere is light, smooth, warm and with good moisture proof feature. Only cashmere with over 95% cashmere fibre content can be called pure cashmere. The consumers should pay attention to below points:

1.People should buy cashmere from the brands of steady quality and pay attention to the cashmere content and Certificate of conformity.

2.If you are not sure of the quality you can go to the professional shop or big shopping mall.

3.High quality cashmere should be smooth and fine in appearance. It should of even and full texture as well as flexiable. It can return to its original shape after hold and release.

4.If you buy cashmere product you should also pay attention to if it has been processed anti-shrinking treatment. If yes the size should be not too large or small regardless if fashion style.