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The Difference between Woolen Cashmere and Worsted Cashmere


    Many customers do not understand the difference between woolen cashmere wool and worsted cashmere. The same cashmere yarn, woolen and worsted to make the clothes feel, the visual effect is completely different. Worsted and woolen is a different textile technology, not only the length of raw fiber is not the same, carding treatment is also very different


    Consinee Nm2/26 woolen pure cashmereyarn raw material length is 34mm-36mm, Nm2/48 worsted cashmere raw material length of 55mm-75mm. Fiber long high quality, conducive to repeated combing treatment.

    So after the combed worsted cashmere yarn anti-pilling good, woolen yarn fluffy sense. Choose different yarns according to season needs and personal preferences. General autumn and winter customers like woolen cashmere, spring and summer season is like fine cashmere cashmere.

    Coarse cashmere products have a pinch needle weaving effect, suede rich and smooth, uniform color and shiny, hand touch a warm feeling, after folding without crease marks, wool soft rebound strong. Worsted cashmere products are smooth and smooth surface, weave fine and clear. Glossy soft and natural, soft and elastic.

    In the same cashmere quality, the use of woolen or worsted, mainly depends on the product and design requirements. Worsted to make the texture of clothing is not so obvious, more transparent and thin, and woolen clothing has a "mother weaving cashmere sweater" like a warm feeling. Worsted and woolen single product with wear, you can also create a unique fashion charm. Different texture can bring a rich sense of hierarchy, with exquisite details, but also show good taste.